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Green Construction in Augusta, Maine

Green construction at Fieldstone Place, LLC. in Augusta, Maine.Choosing Windows and doors for your Fieldstone Home Manufactured to high energy-saving standards using Low-E glass and Argon gas, creating solar gain and preventing air leakage and heat loss.

Heating Systems in Fieldstone Homes

High-efficiency boilers (propane standard, oil if preferred) provide clean heat and the highest performance ratings available (95%+). Hot water is produced “on-demand” or stored in super-insulated tanks.

R21 (not R19) Wall Insulation is standard; R50 or greater attic insulation. There is even an affordable super-insulated wall construction available!

Decorating in Fieldstone Homes

Low VOC paints are standard in the industry today no matter which major brand you prefer.

Vinyl products are now made with high colorfastness and no maintenance, eliminating costly painting or staining. Concrete and wood composites are also available.

Whenever available, locally sourced materials are used, which can be delivered in a matter of minutes, providing cost savings as well as the reduced fuel demands required to bring the building materials on-site.

Buy Local Lumber and Save

Whenever possible, wood products from sustainable sources are used throughout, from framing to final trim and flooring. Both domestic and foreign suppliers provide these products to the building industry.